Available for purchase on CD or download through Bandcamp. Available for download through iTunes or Amazon. Listen through the links below or on Spotify or Apple Music.

Here’s to The Now (2019)

Songs of everyday life, love and resilience. Full band album featuring Dan Tejada, Tobias Merriman, Mike Lescelius, Dakota Holden, Jeff Bradley, Andrew Staff and Emily Wallace.

Home to Roam (2018)

New acoustic album featuring Dan Tejada, Tobias Merriman, Kyle Triplett, Nathan Graham, Jessica Pease and Amy Etcheson.

Haze (2017)

Acoustic album featuring guitarist Dan Tejada.

The Restlessness (2017)

Full-band album featuring The Sympathizers.

Songs You’ve Never Heard (2016)

A mixtape of songs recorded over the last 15 years with the Sympathizers, Brent’s long-time band. The albums where these songs originally appeared are currently out of print. Available on iTunes, Amazon or  Bandcamp or listen from the player below: