Together Apart: The new album

I had a lot of plans to play live music and record a couple new albums this year, but as we all very well know, around March the world completely changed. Businesses were shuttered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were asked to stay home and avoid large groups. The world kind of [...]

I Miss Tom Petty

Last night, I watched a special stream of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live at Lockn fest from 2014. The show was from the tour for their last album, Hypnotic Eye, which was almost a return to a harder edged sound of their first two albums. It actually contained a fair number of new [...]

A song for the NL playoffs!

Hey folks, In honor of the National League playoffs (and the fact that my beloved Cubbies are still in the hunt,) here's some new music! "The Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series" is the first single off my upcoming album, The Restlessness, due in December.  Writing the song was my attempt to describe [...]